ICASA is an independent organization. The different research projects and the organisation of ICASA, are funded in different ways.

ICASA was established as a formal foundation under Dutch law in september 2010. The ICASA collaboration however started before that date.

Functioning as an international research working group, ICASA started developing both its network and its first study (The European ADHD in Substance use disorders Prevalence –EASP study, now International study) in December 2005.
The Trimbos-institute, Netherlands Institute of Mental Health and Addiction, served as ICASA host. The Trimbos-institute was responsible for the financial affairs of the ICASA working group. Income and expenses were controlled via the ICASA project accounts.

In the period 2005- August 2010 income was generated via:

• Participating institutes: University Hospital Vall d'Hebron –Barcelona; University of Amsterdam; Karolinska institute – Stockholm;
• Noaber Foundation (the Netherlands)
• Augeo Foundation (the Netherlands)
• Pharmaceutical Companies: Janssen Cilag, Eli Lilly & Company, Shire en UCB (Note: the financial support of these companies was organized in such a way that these companies did not have influence on who participates in ICASA, on the research agenda of ICASA, on methods for research projects and on publication of results of research projects).

As of September 2010, there is a new situation: ICASA is a formal Foundation. The financial structure of the foundation is:
A) Finances for the ICASA network (ICASA office, network meetings etc).
ICASA participating institutes donate financial support for this part of the ICASA structure.

B) Finances for specific research projects.
Under 'ICASA Activities' you will find the specific research projects ICASA undertakes and plans. For each research project you will find details on the source of funding.

If you want to contribute to the ICASA network and its activities, please contact the ICASA office via .

The ICASA Network

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If you want to contribute to the ICASA network and it's activities, please contact the ICASA office via