Official documents

Below are the official ICASA documents listed, e.g.the annual report and strategic plan for 2012-2015.

The ICASA Foundation is a public interest institution (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling – ANBI)
The foundation has obtained the ANBI status in 2013.
If donations are made during life to the ICASA Foundation, then these gifts are – subject to certain conditions – deductible for the personal income tax and not subject to gift tax.
The ICASA Foundation is, via the ANBI-status exempt from paying inheritance tax and is not required to pay tax on any legacies received.

The RSIN or fiscal number is 8228.96.886.

Links to official documents

• ICASA budget 2017-2018.pdf

• Signed Financial report ICASA foundation 2015

• Signed Financial Report 2014

• Report ICASA office and Strategic plan 2012-2015

• Financial Annual Report 2012

• Declaration of Payments in the ICASA Foundation

• ICASA office report for board meeting

Translated document of the Foundation of ICASA

Strategic Plan ICASA Foundation 2010 25th June 2010


The ICASA Network

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