CASP stands for Continuous performance test for ADHD in SUD Patients study. The MOXO Test is a new Continuous Performance Test (CPT) and will be tested in the IASP population.

This test is a tool accessible via the internet.
The test is designed to accurately measure and describe ADHD symptoms, and differentiate between ADHD subtypes.

In this project, we will test the psychometric features of this test in patients participating in the IASP study. We will include patients in 2-4 sites of the IASP study and compare 3 groups: ADHD + SUD, SUD only, controls.

Time frame: Data sampling: August 2010 – September 2011; Analyzing results: Autumn 2011; Publication of results: 2012

Funding of the CASP

Limited funding is available via Neurotech Ltd., Israel, the company who developed and owns the CPT tool. In the contracts between Neurotech and ICASA researchers it is stated that researchers will be unrestricted in their publication of results, even if these are not in favour of the accuracy of the new CPT.