DNA sampling in the IASP study

In conjunction with sampling data for the IASP, we are collecting saliva samples from people participating in the IASP study for the purpose of extracting, and analysis of, DNA material, for one of our planned studies: the ISGADD study and for future research on the genetics of ADHD and SUD.

DNA sampling is only conducted following medical ethics, approval from the local human research ethics committees, and after receiving informed consent from participants.  

Funding of the DNA sampling in the IASP

Purchasing Saliva Sample Kits was possible after financial support from the University of Amsterdam, the Karolinska institute, University Hospital Vall d'Hebron and the Trimbos-institute.
Furthermore, we received funding from the foundation "Stichting Volksbond Rotterdam" for the DNA sampling process. The University Hospital Vall d'Hebron supports genetic research on ADHD and SUD via extracting the DNA + storage of the DNA samples in their lab, without charging ICASA for costs.