ICASA aims to contribute to a substantial decrease in the proportion of ADHD patients developing an addiction/substance use disorder (SUD) and to substantially improve the detection, diagnosis and treatment of patients having both ADHD and SUD.

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The MINI-Plus may be used for the screening of ADHD in SUD patients. This is the result of a novel paper based on ICASA-research

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A collection of relevant literature regarding the topic of ADHD and Substance abuse disorder comborbidity. Regularly updated to present the most recent scientific insights.


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The INCAS project is well on its way. Currently several sites from Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Hungary, Switzerland and the United States are including subjects. At baseline we now have over 140 subjects, and the first information on the level of drop out at the three and nine months follow up is available.

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If you are a member: find all the information about our network on this website: inclusion of subjects in the incas study, upcoming icasa meetings, events etcetera. If you consider to participate: look around and contact us.

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If you are working as a treatment provider in the field of ADHD, general psychiatry and/or addiction, you may work with patients suffering from Substance Use Disorders comorbidity. Keep your knowledge up to date with the latest insights gathered on one website.

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Motivated to help preventing ADHD children and adolescents to develop addiction? Motivated to help increasing the quality of treatment of ADHD-SUD patients? Please consider supporting us.

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